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Since 1988, Paik Hae Young Gallery has grown into one of the leading contemporary art galleries in the world, through representing prominent Korean and international artists including its notable activities and creative programs.


The gallery had been used for a private house since 1977 by Paik Hae Young who was an art collector and has been running the gallery until today until 1988 when the place opened as a contemporary art gallery. It began with a renovated five-story residential building, providing multiple exhibition spaces in Itaewon, which is the most vibrant and diverse region in Seoul.


Since then, Paik Hae Young Gallery has been devoted to introduce renowned artists such as James Turrell and Charles Sandison to the Korean market in the hopes of bringing a more sophisticated art-viewing experience. 


The gallery grew with its various academic events and educational programs while actively promoting Korean emerging artists on the international stage.


Over the years, the gallery has been broadening its role by working as an agency for international art fairs, art consultant for corporations and an academy for collectors.


Paik Hae Young Gallery wishes to become an institution to communicate with the public and provide sophisticated aesthetic experience to a wide audience worldwide.

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