Retreat At Meditation Cabin In Mountain Odae

Our treehouse is located in rural area Jinbu, Pyeong Chang, Gangwon-do, South Korea, 200km apart from Seoul. We offer our guests a time of meditative space in the forest surrounded by wild flowers and local herb with kitchen garden. With its sacred location near Woljeong Temple, we guarantee a space that will make you feel free enough to focus on the project you aspire to as an artist.

석산(꽃무릇), 붓꽃종, 꽃창포, 부처꽃, 삼색버들(잎이핑크빛), 산사과나무, 월동되는 수국, 산수국, 팥꽃나무, 작약, 모란, 돌단풍, 둥글레, 금낭화, 매발톱, 나무수국, 불두화, 무늬비비추, 옥잠화, 붓꽃, 부채붓꽃, 독일붓꽃, 앵초, 프록스 등이 있습니다.