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김 택 상

1985B.F.A. College of Fine Art, Chung-Ang University, Seoul

1986M.F.A. College of Fine Art, Hong-Ik University, Seoul

Now Professor, Department of Painting, Cheongju University


2004CAIS Gallery, Seoul

2003Linda Fairchild Contemporary Art, San Francisco

2002Koreart Gallery, Busan, Korea

2001CAIS Gallery, Seoul

2000Ellen Kim Murphy Gallery, Seoul

 Gallery Sagan, Hyun Dai Model House, Seoul

1999Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul

1996Woong Gallery, Seoul

1994Total Museum, Jangheung, Korea

 Woong Gallery, Seoul

1993Hak-Chon Gallery, Cheongju, Korea

1992Gallery Seohwa, Seoul


2001Korean Art 2001, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwachon, Korea

2000Trace, CAIS Gallery, Seoul, Korea

 Works on Paper, Gallery Seowha, Seoul, Korea

19982 Persons Exhibition, Sai Gallery, Seoul, Korea

19972 Persons Exhibition, Gallery Mutsu, Japan

 3 Persons Exhibition, Hak-Chon Gallery, Cheongju, Korea

1996The Vision of Korea Contemporary Art "The Axis" in The heart,

 Dada Gallery/Suwon Cultural Center, Suwon, Korea

1994Four Simplicities, Song San Gallery, Cheongju, Korea

1993Nine Views of Secret, ON Gallery, Seoul, Korea

 Five Thoughts, Nok-Saek gallery, Seoul, Korea

1991-951991-95 JAPAN-KOREA New Generation Exhibition, Chiba, Cheongju, Korea


Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul

Total Museum, Seoul

Walkerhill Hotel, Seoul

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