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한국문화투어 프로그램
Korean Cultural Touring Program

Korean Cultural Council (KCC) 에서 운영하는 한국문화투어 프로그램은 한국을 방문하는 외국인, 국내외 기업체, CEO 분들을 대상으로 하는 맞춤식 프로그램입니다.


The Cultural Tour program offered by Korean Cultural Council (KCC) is a very exclusive program designed for people to experience and be part of Korean culture. We offer a “off the beaten path” program, giving you a inside look into Korean culture. The program will be customized completely to the wishes of our clients. We highly value the clients personal wishes, in order to create their perfect personal or companies tour.




Reservation only
TEL. 02) 796.9347
ADDRESS. Foreign Residence 54C,101-40 Itaewon1Dong,Yongsan-Gu,Seoul,140-201,Korea

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