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Cultural Lectures Program Series in Paik Hae Young Gallery

“In search of Korean Beauty”

한국의 미(美)를 찾아서

- Special Lecture on Korean Art , Traditional Music, History -
한국의 미술, 국악, 역사, 생활문화 등 한국美의 원류에 관한 총체적 특강

Since long time ago, Korea has built up the traditional culture of its own, unique from Chinese or Japanese. The lectures persue an overall study on the essence of beauty of Korea that has proportionally been developed with the flow of historical development. Especially Korean Traditional Music will also be focused throughout the lectures.

Artistic Director&Lecturer James Hwang
강사/예술감독 : 황지원

Venue : Paik Hae Young Gallery
TEL. 02) 796.9347 PH. 010.3781.0190
ADDRESS.77, Itaewon-ro 27-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, 04349 Korea

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